Gavin Q. Baker III
Gavin Q. Baker III
Vital statistics
Name Gavin Q. Baker III
Role Lawyer defending Brenda against the Turrell Baylor lawsuit
Gender Male
First Appearance Home Improvement
Final Appearance Silent Partner
Played by Mark Pellegrino

Gavin Q. Baker III is a high priced attorney.

Character Information Edit

Nothing is revealed much about Gavin's past, other than that he is a former City Attorney for Los Angeles.

He is shrewd, and somewhat flamboyant in personality, making him rather unpopular among Brenda and her team. He is also brutally honest in his words.

Gavin does his job well, and is initially hired by Fritz to help deal with an argument between him and Brenda. The situation eases out on its own, though Gavin makes the couple promise not to keep secrets from each other before he leaves, as this was the root of the problem.

Later on, Gavin is hired to assist Brenda in a lawsuit involving the death of Turrell Baylor. For this, he goes up against Peter Goldman, whom he admits to disliking.

While Gavin shows an interest in Brenda's work and admits to liking Brenda, he often causes Brenda frustration. Will considers him as someone highly concerned with his own profile, though Gavin objects by saying his top priority is always the safety of his clients.

Brenda is initially unaware who is paying for his services, but finds out in "You Have the Right to Remain Jolly".

Ultimately, Brenda becomes dissatisfied with Gavin's services and behavior and loudly proclaims that he is fired. Gavin is rattled by her outburst, a sentiment he ironically shares with Peter.

Appearances Edit

The Closer Edit

Season 7 Edit

  1. Home Improvement
  2. Death Warrant
  3. Star Turn
  4. Fresh Pursuit
  5. You Have the Right to Remain Jolly
  6. Silent Partner

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