Title Fresh Pursuit
Series The Closer
Season 7
Episode 10
Airdate September 12, 2011
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Written by Adam Belanoff
Directed by Michael M. Robin
Previous episode Star Turn
Next episode Necessary Evil
Episode list Season 7
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While Brenda's court case continues, the Major Crimes Division investigates the murder of a Deputy Sheriff who was involved in the investigation of a car theft ring.

The VictimEdit

The SuspectsEdit


Closing the CaseEdit

Brenda's StoryEdit

The Turrell Baylor lawsuit goes to court and Gavin and Peter go up against each other. Peter tries to rile the judge up, but Gavin casually explains away any argument Peter brings.

After the case is solved, the judge informs Brenda that regardless of the crimes Baylor committed, he was entitled to be judged in a courtroom, not the streets of L.A. However, the lack of sufficient evidence from Peter leaves the judge with no choice but to favor the defense's side.

Brenda is delighted and thankful towards Gavin, hugging him. Back at the precinct, the team celebrate the end of the lawsuit and Gavin's success. Unfortunately, Brenda's happiness is short-lived when Peter arrives to inform her that he is filling a federal lawsuit against her over the deaths of various people who were in her custody, along with the harassment of his colleague Phillip Stroh.

Brenda is visibly shaken by this, and tries to justify her actions towards Stroh by pointing out Stroh's rape of a young girl, but Peter argues by saying that she needs to prove that in a court of law, since "what one knows and what one can prove, are two different things".

Despite the list consisting of bad people, Peter says they all add up to a pattern, one which clearly shows how Brenda and the LAPD consistently deny suspects their constitutional rights.

In a final statement, Peter coldly informs Brenda that his goal is to end her, and "all her works".

Guest CastEdit

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

  • Gino Anthony Pesi Deputy Sheriff Mike Burton
  • Aaron Perilo Kyle Hayes
  • Gonzalo Menendez Mateo Rios
  • Ron Canada Judge Gerald Blake
  • Marcus Harris Police Officer

Special Guest Stars


Episode NotesEdit

  • This episode was rated US TV-14-LV.
  • Original International Airdates:

Finland: April 30, 2012 on MTV3

Czech Republic: August 22, 2012 on Prima LOVE

Belgium: August 5, 2012 on VT4

Turkey: November 13, 2012 on CNBC-e


  • Recoleta, Argentina

Recoleta is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in the Argentinian capital city of Buenos Aires. It is a residential neighborhood located downtown and is an area of great historical and architectural interest, one of the more popular tourist destinations and the cultural center of the city.

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