Title #FindKaylaWeber
Series Major Crimes
Season 4
Episode 17
Airdate December 14, 2015
Viewers million
Written by Duppy Demetrius
Directed by David Harp
Previous episode Thick as Thieves
Next episode Penalty Phase
Episode list Season 4

A professional baseball pitcher's daughter goes missing, and the Major Crimes team's investigation leads them to the very limits of the justice system. Rusty is put in an extremely awkward position as Slider approaches the last phase of his trial.

The VictimEdit

The SuspectsEdit


Closing the CaseEdit

Guest CastEdit



Episode NotesEdit

  • Provenza displays a lack of knowledge of social media in calling Instagram "the Instagram."

The Other Side of the CoinEdit

  • At Slider's sentencing hearing, Doctor Joe is called upon to testify about his mental state and states his conclusions that Slider has a violent inferiority complex and instead of accepting responsibility for his actions, believes people have ganged up on him and his life changes should outweigh his murder of Mariana Wallace which he has shown no sympathy or remorse about. Bobby Munroe questions him if the performance impact of his inferiority complex could've prevented him from understanding what murdering Mariana meant. However, Doctor Joe does not believe Slider to be mentally damaged enough for that. Instead, Doctor Joe believes Slider's behavior means that he consciously chose to kill Mariana and believes he should get away with it.
  • Gus testifies about his search for Mariana and how important she was to him while Slider killed her without a second thought. Gus then storms out of the courtroom, ignoring Rusty.
  • On the stand, Rusty testifies about Slider's past, but also points out how he and Mariana were both on the streets at fifteen like Slider and neither of them committed murder. While Rusty admits that society may have neglected Slider, it was not responsible for his addiction to meth and tells Munroe, who keeps referring to Slider as the victim, that he sees Mariana as the victim, not Slider.
  • Slider testifies that he's sorry Mariana's dead and he robbed the house she worked at but the woman was rich and insured and hadn't thought she'd have Alice arrested over the stuff he stole. When asked about if he thinks of Mariana, Slider says he does as she's the reason he's in jail and understands why Gus is upset about her death. When Hobbs asks if Slider is sorry for killing Mariana, he just tells her that he can't be sorry for what he didn't do and claims the police tricked him into believing he did it.
  • With all testimony done, Judge Grove sends the jury out to begin their deliberations on Slider's sentence.

Gus and RustyEdit

  • Gus spends the sentencing hearing ignoring Rusty and visibly angry at him though he starts to soften after Rusty's testimony.
  • After the hearing is over, Rusty speaks to Gus who apologizes for his behavior, having caught up with Identity. Gus suggests that he let "other feelings" and "crossed signals" get caught up in what's going on between them. Rusty hesitantly tells Gus that Gus doesn't know him really and would be better off not caring about him so much. Gus agrees that it probably would be better but he does care which is the problem. However, Gus sees it as his problem and he'll be gone in a week or two so Rusty won't have to worry about it. Gus thanks Rusty "for being nice about it" and walks off, leaving Rusty conflicted.


Episode MediaEdit

The Other Side of the Coin Pt03:48

The Other Side of the Coin Pt. 7

Identity by Rusty Beck

Rusty interviews Doctor Joe for his opinion on drug addicts and their motives.

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