Emma Rios
Name Emma Rios
Rank Deputy District Attorney
Affiliation Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
Gender Female
Played by Nadine Velazquez
First appearance Final Cut
Final appearance Special Master Part Two

Deputy District Attorney Emma Rios is a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney who is a new, inexperienced DDA under Hobbs' supervision, she is charged with preparing the case against Phillip Stroh.

Character Information Edit

The squad, especially Sharon Raydor, dislikes her due to her attitude towards Rusty Beck in which she treats him poorly and tries repeatedly to have him removed from Raydor's custody. She also has a dislike for blood and is shown to be squeamish to their annoyance.

At first, Julio Sanchez has a crush on her, but eventually stops liking her for her attitude. After she stands up to Judge Steven Grove, Julio takes her out for a coffee, but nothing ever comes of it and the crush is never shown again.

Over the course of the series, Rios' attitude softens a little as shown with her standing up to a judge and in “Pick Your Poison”, staying out of the decision-making over Rusty's future, telling him she's trying to be "less annoying."

During “Special Master Part One” and “Special Master Part Two”, Rios deals with Phillip Stroh's efforts to make a deal by giving them the serial killer known as Burning Man. After Stroh escapes after leaving them a clue, Rios looks through Stroh's old cases and is able to identify Burning Man as Markos Christakis. Rios is the one who ultimately figures out where Christakis is located, pointing out to the police that an address in his file matches the area they believe Christakis to be operating in.

Following Stroh's escape, Rios no longer appears as a DDA working with Major Crimes.

In “Sanctuary City, Part 1”, Andrea Hobbs reveals that the DA has ordered guards for Rios after the apparent murder of Stroh's step-mother.


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