Doris Osgood
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Doris Osgood
Profession Fake nurse
Gender Female
Notability Serial killer
Played by Roxanne Hart

Doris Osgood is a serial killer who appeared in Make Over. She is played by Roxanne Hart.


Doris originally worked at a variety of odd jobs and she eventually gave birth to a son named Sam. Eventually her son got a job as a security analyst where they eventually made their living targeting rich elderly people to steal money from them and eventually kill them. She made a grievous mistake in 2001 with her third victim William Casey and stole his Mona and tried to sell it. Her son was notified when the painting went missing and got it back from his mother and blamed the theft on a gardner.

After that her son wanted to get out of it but Doris refused and eventually they split up. Eventually though, she decided to strike out on her own and targeted a man by the name of Charles Billings and took money from him. His children didn't notice since they were ripping him off too but eventually Charles found out what she was doing and she killed him. She later made the same mistake every time she goes in and steals a painting from her victims, but since her son wasn't helping her she was eventually caught and confessed to the murder to Detective George Andrews, Provenza's partner.

Several years later the lab that ran Billings' tox results and discovered the morphine was discredited. George came back and eventually, after finding Osgood's other victims, got her to confess again. Then her son, watching from a monitor, told the police about how she killed three other people. After that they both were sent to prison for the murders for good this time.

Modus OperandiEdit

Doris targeted wealthy elderly people who required 24/7 care. She would let her son recommend her to the unassuming people and began working for them. After a while she would start writing phony checks and opening credit card accounts in her victim's name. When her victims started to get suspicious she would kill them to keep them from talking. Her methods of killing always varied from pushing them down the stairs to overdosing them on morphine. At times she would often steal some of their paintings and try to sell them. After she ditched her son she would go out and offer the job to the nearest wealthy old man she could find.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Ruth Wiley (strangled, breaking her neck)
  • Olivia Moore (shoved a nasal spray bottle cap down her throat)
  • Richard Heers (robbed only)
  • Dorothy Sanders (robbed only)
  • William Casey (pushed down the stairs)
  • Charles Billings (overdosed on morphine)