Title Dismissed with Prejudice
Series Major Crimes
Season 1
Episode 8
Airdate October 1, 2012
Viewers 4.17 million
Written by Jim Leonard
Directed by Jon Tenney
Previous episode The Shame Game
Next episode Cheaters Never Prosper
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Major Crimes reinvestigates a case Tao worked in 2004 when the conviction is overturned. Meanwhile, Rusty meets his father for the first time.

The VictimEdit

  • Elaine Reichman
  • Benito Zapata

The SuspectsEdit

  • Will Reichman, the victim's husband
  • Benito Zapata


  • Blood evidence
  • Lydia Reichman's story
  • The missing money
  • Emails between Elaine and Zapata
  • Password cracking program used by Will Reichman
  • The murder weapon
  • Broken tip of the murder weapon
  • Elaine Reichman's murder
  • Benito Zapata's body

Closing the CaseEdit

Unable to find any clues of Zapata's location beyond the fact that he was in Costa Rica a month before Elaine's death, Raydor questions his wife who knew nothing of his embezzlement scheme and is bitter towards him for abandoning her. The wife suggests that since Zapata was having multiple affairs, if they locate a woman who went missing around the time he did, they'll find him. The squad realizes that Elaine could match that description and contact a bank in Costa Rica where they discover she had a bank account with $1.8 million dollars in it, exactly the amount of money Zapata stole. Elaine wasn't Zapata's victim, she was his lover and accomplice. They realize this also explains Zapata's blood at the crime scene: Will Reichman murdered Elaine and Zapata. He was a second victim, not the killer. While Raydor and Fritz Howard confront Reichman, Tao and the DDA go through the murder scene with Lydia Reichman once more. Lydia remembers hearing a commotion and her parents yelling then what she believes was Zapata walking away outside carrying something. According to Lydia, her father must've followed him because he came back later. Lydia went downstairs to find her father over her mother's body, stabbing her though she later convinced herself that he was trying to save her. Tao explains that what happened was Reichman found out about his wife and Zapata's affair and came home early to confront and kill them. He killed Zapata at the sink where the blood evidence was found and then he disposed of Zapata's body. Afterwards, he went to kill Elaine, but she was only wounded and tried to crawl away so he had to finish her off and before he could hide her, Lydia walked in on him. He staged a break-in to cover up the murders and hoped that no one would believe Lydia. However, he didn't count on Tao believing her story and continuing to believe it to that day. At the same time, Raydor and Fritz reveal that thanks to the Patriot Act causing servers to keep all files, they were able to locate emails between Elaine and Zapata confirming their romantic and criminal connection. The FBI was also able to find that Reichman hacked Elaine's computer where he would've found the emails and then had motive for murder out of jealousy. Tao leads the police in searching the grounds of Reichman's home and using special equipment, they find Zapata's body hidden in an underground chamber under a stone slab. During autopsy, Morales finds the broken-off tip of the murder weapon, something that Reichman had claimed in the past had been broken before his wife's murder. Tao and Raydor confront Reichman with this new evidence causing his lawyer to remind them that they can't charge him again for his wife's murder even if they could prove it. However, they can still charge him for Zapata's murder and can use the wife's murder as evidence. At Raydor's prompting, Tao gleefully arrests Reichman once again for premeditated murder. Rather than go through another trial, Reichman takes a deal of life in prison. While Tao speculates that it was to prevent Lydia from having to testify again and his way of saying he was sorry, when Lydia faces her father he tells her his only regret is that he didn't murder her too.

Guest CastEdit

  • Tina Ivlev as Lydia Reichman
  • William R. Moses as Will Reichman
  • Paleigh Knight as Lydia Reichman (at 10)
  • Chris Butler as DDA Meeks
  • Erich Anderson as Defense Attorney James Corbett
  • Steve Tom as Judge Craig Richwood
  • Maria Russell as Mrs. Zapata
  • Efrain Figueroa as Mr. Valdez
  • Barry Livingston as the defense attorney from eight years earlier
  • Laura Leyva as Judge Black, the judge from eight years earlier
  • Denise Williamson as Mrs. Kane, Clerk of the Court
  • Summer Sagan Perry as Reporter



Episode NotesEdit


  • In the flashbacks, Tao has a moustache which he lacks in the present.

Episode MediaEdit