The Detective Support and Vice Division (DSVD) of the Los Angeles Police Department is responsible for investigating missing persons, hate crimes, threats made to public officials/prominent persons, aggravated stalking, piracy and counterfeit sales/goods, animal cruelty, pimping/pandering, pornography, and prostitution/human trafficking.


Captain Lee

The commanding officer of the Detective Support and Vice Division is Captain Synthia Lee.

Sections and units in the Detective Support and Vice Division Edit

Human Trafficking Section Edit

Human Trafficking Unit Edit

is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of state and federal crimes involving the sexual exploitation of human beings; reduce the vulnerability of children to acts of sexual criminal activity. The objective of the section is to identify and rescue individuals who are being sexually exploited through prostitution as well as to identify and initiate investigations into those responsible for this exploitation.

Animal Cruelty Unit Edit

was formed in 2005 to combine the law enforcement expertise of the LAPD, the Department of Animal Services, the prosecution efforts of the Los Angeles City Attorney and Los Angeles District Attorney’s Offices to enhance the City’s efforts in prosecuting criminal activity involving animal abuse, and breaking the connection between animal abuse and human violence.

Hate Crimes Unit Edit

is primary responsible for collecting, maintaining and disseminating statistics on all incidents motivated by hate or prejudice. In addition, the HCU will coordinate and assist an incident motivated by hate or prejudice as directed by the Chief Of Detectives.

Missing Persons Unit Edit

The MPU investigates approximately 3,200 adult Missing Person reports annually, or 250 to 300 reports per month. Contrary to public belief, federal law prohibits the observance of a waiting period before accepting a Missing Person report.

Detective Services Section Edit

District Attorney Liaison Unit Edit

Acts as a liaison to the District Attorneys’ Offices, files selected criminal cases and presents criminal cases to Deputy District Attorneys received through facsimile.

City Attorney Liaison Unit Edit

Acts as a liaison with the City Attorney’s Office and the City Attorney’s staff, reviewing and processing misdemeanor arrest reports, misdemeanor cases not assigned to a detective, non-traffic Notice to Appear and arrest reports. The unit organizes and presents faxed criminal cases, Release From Custody (RFC) arrest report and presents cases for filing to the City Attorney’s Office.

Traffic Court Liaison Unit Edit

Receives and files all LAPD traffic citations, DUI/traffic-related misdemeanor cases and receives, processes and files all LAPD citation cancellations and vehicle forfeiture requests.

Court On-Call Edit

Is responsible for monitoring all court “on-call” cases and subpoenaed court appearances for officers.

Officer Check-In/Out Center Edit

Checks in officers at the Criminal Courts Building for court appearances, maintains statistics and daily delivery of subpoenas to divisions.

Crisis Response Support Section Edit

Threat Management Unit Edit

Is responsible for investigating all threats directed to the City’s elected officials and aggravated stalking cases on a Citywide basis, investigating workplace violence involving City entities and employees

Mental Evaluation Unit, System-wide Mental Assessment Response Team and Case Assessment Management Program Edit

Work together assisting field officers with suspected mentally ill persons. They provide referrals, intervention and/or placement in mental facilities for individuals needing acute mental health intervention.

Special Enforcement Section Edit

Piracy Unit Edit

is tasked with investigating piracy/intellectual property crimes throughout the City of Los Angeles. It enforces middle to high level organized distribution and manufacturing rings of counterfeit CD’s or DVD’s. Their responsibilities include the enforcement of intellectual property crimes at retail/wholesale locations that are involved in the manufacture, sales and distribution of counterfeit merchandise including: jewelry, purses, perfume, clothing/apparel, shoes, and a variety of pharmaceutical goods.

Field Evaluators Edit

has field evaluators assigned citywide to conduct training, oversight, monitoring of tactical events, education and coordinate task force operations.

Operation Alcoholic Beverage Control Edit

deals with ABC issues within the City of Los Angeles. They are tasked with providing training and overseeing enforcement activity at the 6,000 ABC licensed premises that employ in excess of an estimated 65,000 individuals.

Community Problems Unit Edit

CPU’s primary role is to conduct investigations related to various nuisance problems throughout the City. Nuisance abatement investigations are initiated at locations where traditional enforcement efforts have produced minimal effect and the recognized conduct continues to have a lasting impact on the community.

Detective Support and Vice Division in the Major Crimes Universe Edit

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