Detective Ross is a rough Robbery-Homicide detective whose loyalties are with Russell Taylor; he is often the butt of MCD jokes.


He first appears helping Captain Taylor circumvent Deputy Chief Johnson in arresting the robber of several gay men also suspected of murder. Brenda was however able to get a confession out of him for the robberies but says he didn't kill anyone. Taylor and Ross interrogate him where they coerce a confession out of him in an effort to make Brenda look bad. This backfires however when the real killer is apprehended and Ross and Taylor are made to look like fools.

He later appears alongside Taylor again when investigating the murder of Catherine Landis. They pick up the boyfriend of the victim and are sure he is the killer. However Priority Homicide continually interfere with the case becuse they know he isn't the killer and Ross still ends up looking like a fool again.

Ross is later called by Priority Homicide to give the details on one of his old cases where a man named Gerald Curtis was convicted of killing two people during a department store robbery. He suggested the new murder was an accident which was countered by Provenza's stating four bullets were in the victim. Later his original conviction is proven correct as Gerald is proven to be responsible for the double murder and manipulated events so his partner would kill the witness and get him out of prison, the later failed.

Later, after the shooting in Priority Homicide's murder room and Taylor is once again running Priority Homicide, Ross and Detective McHale are transferred to Priority Homicide after Tao, Sanchez and Daniels are transferred out. He investigates the murder of a student named Malik Fara but does a poor job of it. He is later taken off the case and out of Priority Homicide when Deputy Chief Johnson is reinstated.

Back in Robbery-Homicide, he starts working a series of security company robberies for eleven months. After the robbers commit a double homicide after their latest job their case is handed over to Priority Homicide. Ross is more than unpleased over handing over the case and says so to Gabriel. Priority Homicide eventually find the responsible parties and closes the case.

He is last seen helping Priority Homicide in helping find the man who killed Detective Sanchez's brother. He brought in an undercover ATF agent who found the gun used to kill the boy.


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