Dennis Dutton
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Dennis Dutton
Profession Restaurant investor
Gender Male
Notability Suspected murderer
Played by Douglas Sills

Dennis Dutton is a murder suspect who appeared twice on The Closer. He is played by Douglas Sills.


Dutton was born into a wealthy family with a little sister and brother named Deanna and Devlin respectively. After his mother died his father remarried to a stripper named Angelina. Later his girlfriend Christine Barringer broke up with him and he bashed her head in with a nine-iron golf club. Two days after the murder he fled to Switzerland and remained there until the prosecution's key witness died in a car accident.

Ten years later his father dies and leaves everything to his second wife. Dennis and his two siblings challenged the will at every turn but in the end lost their inheritance to her. Their lawyer, James Bloom, fed up with Angelina's ruthless taking of everyone's money, killed her and made it look like an overdose. The family butler Albert Turner witnessed this and helped cover it up. Later police questioned Dennis when Albert didn't show up for his court date.

He and his siblings tried to help police in opening the doors to the mansion but were unsuccessful. After it was discovered that Albert "hanged himself", Dennis tried to warn the investigators that the body was about to fall but they were too busy arguing amongst themselves. Dennis was eventually brought in for questioning when it was discovered that Albert was murdered. He is later cleared of suspicion when it was revealed that the family lawyer killed Angelina and Albert.

He was again suspected of murder when a woman he invested 2 million dollars in her restaurant and ended up dead, but was given an alibi by his friend Tom Newman. It was later discovered that this woman was sleeping with people, including Dennis and Tom, so they would help her husband's restaurant. His alibi was eventually broken but he was again cleared of suspicion when it turns out it was Tom who killed her and took advantage of Dennis panicking to establishing an alibi for himself when really it was Tom needing the alibi. Dennis thanked Deputy Chief Johnson by sending her a set of knives.


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