Danny Jones
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Danny Jones
Profession Boat mechanic
Gender Male
Notability Serial killer
Played by Rusty Joiner

Lucas Daniel "Danny" Jones, also known as "The PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) Killer", is a serial killer who appeared in Manhunt.


Jones' father was a Long Beach police officer. His mother was an exotic dancer who divorced three times. At the age of 17, he joined the U.S. Navy as a boat mechanic. He applied for the SEALs, but failed the psychological examination. In 1998, after moving to Los Angeles, he became a serial killer, abducting and murdering three women in nine days and leaving their bodies on the shores of beaches in the area. He repeated the cycle in 1999. Afterwards, he met a woman named Tammy, whom he married. This apparently caused him to stop killing, as no other victims appeared while they were married. She eventually divorced him and married a man named Robert Reynolds.

In 2007, Jones relapsed and killed Tammy, bashing her face afterwards to keep the police from identifying her. He later went on to kill her current husband, decapitating him and tying him under a boat, and frame him for the murder and series of killings he committed in the 90's. He later killed another woman who was in the same S&M club, Lisa Mason, and when the police showed up at Mr. Reynolds' boat, Danny was there saying Mr. Reynolds told him to clean the boat. He then targeted another woman when Brenda came into his boat repair shop. When she saw the ropes and cattle prods he had lying around he tried to kill her, but she fought back and unloaded her gun into him.

Modus OperandiEdit

Jones targeted attractive women who were in committed relationships, had divorced at least once and were having affairs outside their relationship. After abducting them and taking them to a boat, he would strip them, bind them in a standing position, torture them by burning them with cigarettes and shocking them with a cattle prod externally, also sexually violating them. After ejaculating on their bodies, he would strangle them to death, swim with their bodies to a beach near the Pacific Coast Highway and dump them on the shore along with their clothes and personal belongings, including their ID cards. His signature was branding their heels with the Roman numerals I, II and III. To cover his tracks, Jones would leave the bodies in different counties, counting on the police communicating with each other slowly. After his divorce, he targeted women who were in an S&M lifestyle and were members at The Verge, since that was where he and his wife were signed up and where she had her affair.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 1998:
    • Kimberly Woods
    • Janele Trubiano
    • Erin Miller
  • 1999:
    • Anna Fildes
    • Stacey (last name unseen)
    • Riley (first name unseen)
  • 2007:
    • Tammy Reynolds (his ex-wife; bashed her face post-mortem)
    • Robert Reynolds (Tammy's husband; killed and decapitated)
    • Lisa Mason
    • Melinda Trent (intended)
    • Brenda Leigh Johnson (attempted)