Title Cutting Loose
Series Major Crimes
Season 3
Episode 8
Airdate July 28, 2014
Viewers 5.85 million (Live + SD)

7.8 million (Live + 7 Day)

Written by Duppy Demetrius
Directed by Roxann Dawson
Guests Luke Perry
Previous episode Two Options
Next episode Sweet Revenge
Episode list Season 3

Lt. Mike Tao of Major Crimes finds himself doing double duty when the star of the cop show on which he moonlights as a consultant becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his biggest fan.

The VictimEdit

  • Zelda Lambert

The SuspectsEdit

  • Katherine 'Kiki' Weinberger


Closing the CaseEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • Kate Morgan Chadwick (Katherine 'Kiki' Weinberger)
  • Lisa K. Wyatt (Zelda Lambert)


Episode NotesEdit

  • Provenza repeats his favorite phrase about it always being the husband once again. As in "Cheaters Never Prosper", Provenza is actually right on a rare occasion.
  • Rusty graduates from high school with a 3.6 GPA. However, while twenty-two other kids graduated at the same time as Rusty and at least half had parties, Rusty wasn't invited to any. Sharon gets Rusty to reluctantly agree to a party of his own and invite his friends though Rusty states he doesn't have any. Sharon insists she knows some and can invite them. Rusty's party ends up attended by the Major Crimes squad, Assistant Chief Taylor, actor John Worth and his assistant Kiki, the people that are Rusty's true friends. John also gives a shout-out to Rusty on the news to make his graduation more special for him and the squad is shown to be proud of him with Tao congratulating him and giving him advice and Buzz recording the party so that Rusty can remember it.
  • John Worth suggests that Rusty get a job as a PA on the set of Badge of Justice. Rusty is shown to in fact take the job later in the season.
  • Sykes jokingly calls Rusty "Jump Street" at his party when congratulating him. This is a nickname her boyfriend Lieutenant Chuck Cooper gave Rusty during the hunt for Wade Weller.


Episode MediaEdit