Craig Richwood is a judge for the Superior Court of California on Major Crimes.

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Appearing alongside Steven Grove as one of the two judges on Major Crimes, Judge Richwood handles most of the cases in season 1 and season 2. In “There's No Place Like Home”​, while accepting the plea deal set up by DDA Hobbs with a group of tenants that murdered their landlord, Richwood is shown to be stunned by their confession though he stands by the deal.

While he doesn't appear in “Year-End Blowout”​, Lieutenant Andy Flynn is mentioned to try to get a search warrant for Ted King Auto Sale's finances from Judge Richwood. Flynn states that Judge Richwood denied the search warrant for the company accounts, though he did agree to letting them go through the family's personal finances.

In “Down the Drain”​, Captain Sharon Raydor enlists Richwood to officiate her adoption of Rusty Beck. In a ceremony in Judge Richwood's chambers attended by the Major Crimes Division and Assistant Chief Russell Taylor, Judge Richwood goes through the formalities with Sharon and Rusty and after they sign the paperwork, is the first to congratulate them on becoming a family.

Judge Richwood returns in “Dead Zone”​ and “White Lies, Part 1”​ as the judge trying the Dwight Darnell case. In “Dead Zone”​, he listens to arguments by DDA Barry Rosen to grant a continuance based on evidence found by Major Crimes. Disgusted with Dwight's behavior, Judge Richwood implores Marco Calderon to keep his client in check and grants the continuance. During Dwight's courtroom shooting, Judge Richwood is unharmed and does his best to comfort Sharon after Taylor's death and her fatal shooting of Dwight. Judge Richwood also does his best to aid the investigation and is one of the few people to know that Doctor Joe Bowman isn't actually dead.

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