Deputy District Attorney Claire Baldwin is a DDA that often works with the Major Crimes Division to ensure their cases are ready for trial. She often butts heads with the Major Crimes Division as she tries to run the investigations from time to time.


She first appeared in the Gwyneth Adler murder case when a man named George Harris' DNA from a previous rape and driver's license was left at the scene. She decides to try George for the rape but she refuses to try him for the murder and to cut a deal for the partner. She takes the case to court but Brenda provokes a mistrial so she can find the other rape victim to identify Stroh as his partner. They do find his partner, only it is a man named Charlie and Claire cuts a deal with George to testify against Charlie for a reduced sentence. Afterward she warns Deputy Chief Johnson against such action again and leaved Captain Raydor to tell her what Pope told her.

She later helps in trying to get a special master appointed to access a murdered doctor's records. After the killer is caught it is presumed that Claire prosecuted the case.

After the shooting of a security officer she again attempts to run the investigation by trying to force the detectives to rule-out self-defense as a possible defense. She continues trying to boss the squad around until Deputy Chief Johnson shows up and she takes command. After one of the killers confesses she tries to warn them that she can't prosecute the other killer but Brenda promises a confession from her. After she does Claire takes both killers to court charging them both with murder in the second degree.