Title Citizen's Arrest
Series Major Crimes
Season 1
Episode 5
Airdate September 10, 2012
Viewers 4.96 million
Written by Duppy Demetrius
Directed by David McWhirter
Previous episode The Ecstasy and the Agony
Next episode Out of Bounds
Episode list Season 1

After the body of a young man is found, the squad must deal with anti-government radicals and a kidnapping. At the same time, DDA Hobbs brings surprising information on Rusty Beck.

The VictimEdit

  • Ben Barlow
  • Emily Barlow

The SuspectsEdit


Closing the CaseEdit

Looking through the files of Mr. Barlow's divorce cases, Provenza finds the case of Gerald Hall who filed none of the required forms during his divorce, lost his kids and had 58 powerful weapons, including high-powered rifles like the murder weapon. Raydor has Susan Hall, Gerald's ex-wife brought in and she explains that Gerald is a Sovereign's Citizen, an anti-government radical along with his father, Norman. Gerald had many more guns than the ones he got back in the divorce and buys them all time from a store. Susan tells them that Gerald suddenly showed up with $20,000 in back child support and asked to see his kids that night, causing them to realize he intends to take his kids and run. While Susan knows that Gerald lives in a trailer with Norman, they move around and she has no idea where to find them. However, they are able to track the registration on Gerald's weapons and find the gun shop Gerald buys them from. Flynn suggests that Gerald and Norman buy tons of weapons to sell in Mexico for a profit and are planning to use the ransom money for this purpose. However, as Gerald and Norman bought two 55-gallon barrels, they realize the two intend to kill Emily once they have what's left of the ransom money.

Julio and Sykes go to the gun store and force the owner to call Gerald and tell him his shipment has arrived. When he comes, they arrest him and DDA Hobbs offers him a deal where he immediately pleads guilty to kidnapping and first degree murder in exchange for helping them rescue Emily and not getting the death penalty. Gerald refuses so Hobbs leaves him to Julio to deal with. Julio pretends that Gerald attacked him and threatens to kill him and claim self-defense. Gerald finally agrees to help them stop his father and rescue Emily.

With Flynn, Provenza, Raydor and Buzz following behind, Gerald drives Julio and Sykes to Norman's trailer in his van, explaining that he never intended for Ben and Emily to get hurt despite his anger at their father, he just picked up the money and tried to keep his father, who is crazy, calm. At the trailer, thermal imaging detects Emily, alive and Norman realizes from Gerald's reactions that he has led the police to him. He murders Gerald and then dashes into the trailer to kill Emily. After Raydor confirms Emily is lying prone, Julio fires through and down the side of the trailer with a rifle, killing Norman before he can harm Emily. Julio, Sykes, Flynn and Provenza then enter the trailer and rescue Emily. However, they have to inform the devastated Barlow parents of their son's death.

Guest CastEdit

  • Guy Wilson as Mark Howard
  • Kari Coleman as Laurie Barlow
  • Casey Biggs as Brian Barlow
  • Seana Kofoed as Susan Hall
  • Scott MacDonald as Dale Fisher
  • Scott Michael Campbell as Gerald Hall
  • Cooper Huckabee as Norman Hall

Recurring Edit


Episode NotesEdit

  • Featured as part of the episode are father and son characters who describe themselves as "Sovereign Citizens." An out-growth of the tax-protest movement, sovereign citizens believe they are not bound by federal or state laws, notably tax laws, as well as municipal laws governing acts such as driver's licensure and car registration. Although many of their activities are benign, some, including financial scams and impersonation of law enforcement officials, are identifed by the FBI as posing serious threats, and they are viewed by some groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Group, as potential domestic terrorists, with activities frequently escalating to violence.


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