Title Cashed Out
Series Major Crimes
Season 5
Episode 5
Airdate July 18, 2016
Viewers 3.72 million
Written by Ralph Gifford
Directed by Paul McCrane
Guests Christopher Gorham
Previous episode Skin Deep
Next episode Tourist Trap
Episode list Season 5

Det. Julio Sanchez's application to become a foster parent is jeopardized by his reactions to a particularly gruesome murder after the Major Crimes Division finds a chopped up body burned to bits in the barbecue pit of an L.A. Park.

The VictimEdit

  • Adrian Silva, 26 year-old professional poker player.
    • Body was chopped to pieces and dumped in a barbecue pit.

The SuspectsEdit

  • Dax Pirig
    • Owner of Social Public Service, a company updating the victims social media on his behalf.
  • Glen Cole
    • Employee at Social Public Service and the handler of Adrian Silva's accounts.
  • Dino & Kate Kotero, owners of Kotero Digital Solutions which is a computer security company.
    • Adrian Silva's poker "backers". They provided him cash in return of a portion of his profits.
    • Adrian owed them $30,000.


Closing the CaseEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • Sonya Leslie (DCFS case worker Cynthia)


Episode NotesEdit


Medal of Valor ribbon when worn in uniform.

  • Detective Sanchez's actions in the suspects arrest launched an a inquiry whether he would be qualified to receive the LAPD's Medal for Valor. The Medal for Valor is the LAPD's highest law enforcement medal awarded to officers and it is usually awarded for acts of extraordinary bravery or heroism performed in the line of duty when the officer is in extreme and life-threatening personal risk.

Goofs Edit

  • When Julio was in a foot pursuit with the suspect, Lt. Provenza broadcasted "Officers Need Help". This is incorrect, as the "Officer(s) Needs Help" call should only be used when an officer requires immediate help for a life-threatening incident or an incident that requires immediate help because of serious bodily injury, death, or a serious threat to public safety is imminent.
    • This call later became relevant as the suspect took a hostage, but in the original pursuit he should have just requested a back-up unit as it should be broadcasted when an officer requires additional units immediately, but the situation does not pose a direct threat for serious injury, death or no serious threat to public safety is imminent.


Episode MediaEdit

The Long Shadow Pt03:53

The Long Shadow Pt. 5

Identity by Rusty Beck

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