Bruno Perez
Bruno Perez
Vital statistics
Name Bruno Perez
Profession Manager
Gender Male
Notability Missy and Tim Michaels' manager
Played by Rick Gonzalez
Appearance Star Turn
Bruno Perez is Missy Michaels' manager.

History Edit

Bruno worked with Missy and her father Bob in helping Missy become famous. He arranged auditions and interviewed for Missy. He owns an online website and helps a number of Hollywood wannabes. He also writes songs for his clients.

When Bob turns up dead, Bruno continues to try and help Missy pursue her and her father's dream of stardom, out of belief that Missy does have potential. This earns him the suspicion of Missy's grandfather, Wes, as well as the police.

Upon being summoned by Brenda, Bruno offends the latter by referring to her "old", and insists the police not to think Bob killed himself, but to take the death as an accident. He tries to disrupt the investigation so Missy can continue with her career pursuit, but agrees to work with the police when they threaten to charge him with murder.

During investigation, the LAPD discover Bruno had purchased a pepper spray online which was used in the murder of Bob. In addition, five parents have filed complaints, stating they dislike the way Bruno behaves with their daughters. The daughters themselves, however, do not complain, leading there to be no arrests. Brenda also finds that Bruno gets 80% of his clients' profit.

Brenda summons Bruno again, who explains that he is the one protecting the girls from their parents' more indecent desires. He says the pepper spray was for Missy's own safety, who had been mugged the first time she was in LA. However, Brenda decides to arrest him for Bob's murder out of distrust.

Further investigation, however, proves Bruno's innocence.

Appearances Edit

The Closer Edit

Season 7 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Brenda refers to Bruno's business as "slimy".
  • His name card, which Wes Durant gives to Brenda, reads "Brunowoods".

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