Beth Michaels
Beth Michaels1
Vital statistics
Name Beth Michaels
Profession {{{profession}}}
Gender Female
Notability Wife and murderer of Bob Michaels
Played by Debrah Farentino
Appearance Star Turn
Beth Michaels is the wife of Bob Michaels.

History Edit

Beth and her husband Bob were an enthusiastic couple who sought to achieve stardom, dragging their daughter along with them.

Aside from Missy's auditions and interviews, Beth and Bob secretly planned Bob's disappearance for the sake of publicity.

Beth rented a car and she and her husband rented a hotel room in cash, where Bob survived on snacks and gummy bears purchased using their credit card. The time they spent there was said to have left DNA evidence, much to Beth's embarrassment.

By interviewing Missy, Chief Brenda came to suspect Beth as the culprit behind her husband's death. Brenda noted that in comparison to her daughter, Beth was an expert in acting. Brenda convinced Beth to confess and clear her daughter's name, by pretending she was being filmed like a true actress, and that her daughter's video would earn more views as a result.

Beth confessed that Bob was terrified of the plan, did not like being anywhere near the mountain where he was supposed to be found. He began accusing Beth of various things, and pushed her, forcing Beth to push back. She added that Bob was jealous of Missy's fame, though Brenda was certain Beth was the jealous one.

Afterwards, Beth was arrested and charged with the murder of her husband.

Appearances Edit

The Closer Edit

Season 7 Edit

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