Anthony Monroe
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name Anthony Monroe
Role Defense attorney
Gender Male
First Appearance Red Tape
Final Appearance Dead Man's Hand
Played by Dan Sachoff

Anthony Monroe is a police union lawyer who often represents cops who have been involved in shootings.


He first appeared representing Sergeant David Gabriel who shot at a unarmed suspect. He went to hospital where David was and saw him talking to Deputy Chief Johnson and ceased the conversation at once. He told David who he was and suggested they talk about the events that lead to him shooting. David tried to fire him but Brenda recommended he talk to him. After that Captain Raydor showed and started asking questions until Anthony cut her off. She requests he breathe into a breathalyzer and his lawyer allows this because of the long-term consequences of putting it off.

He is later representing Sergeant Ryan Dunn after he shoots Detective Ally Moore's husband when he supposedly came to her rescue. After the shooting he is brought in to go over his statement with Commander Taylor and Sergeant Gabriel which Anthony believes is unnecessary. While Ryan is going over his statement and Taylor asks about the gun the husband had in his hand. He answered that she said she kept it in the house to protect herself but that later contradicts what she later tells them that she had her gun in her car. After Dunn is arrested for murder it is presumed that Anthony defended him in court.

Monroe's ClientsEdit

  • Sergeant David Gabriel
  • Sergeant Ryan Dunn

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