Commander Ann McGinnis is the second-in-command of the LAPD's Special Operations Bureau on Major Crimes.

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When acting as the commanding officer of SOB, Assistant Chief Taylor offered her the promotion to Deputy Chief of SOB, twice, both of which she turned down. She also has turned down every person Taylor has offered to be her boss suggesting she is very protective of the officers under her command as to not have an unfit officer be in command of the bureau.

She eventually warms up to Fritz Howard, who eventually becomes her boss, after seeing him in action rescuing two kidnapped children.

She often butted heads with Deputy City Attorney Gloria Lim as she felt that her extensive concerns for city liability had a negative impact on the operations conducted by the bureau as they couldn't perform at their best without being in constant fear of being sidelined for even the slightest mistake made in the line of duty.

It was revealed that her husband and daughter were killed in a car accident.

In “Zoo Story”​, one of the officers under her command is captured by human traffickers while undercover and McGinnis grows frustrated when jurisdiction falls to Major Crimes. Nevertheless, Major Crimes cooperates with McGinnis and allows her to take part in the takedown. After they find what appears to be another victim, McGinnis comments on how she doesn't match the type of girl the traffickers took. The woman eventually identifies herself as Becca Wilshaw, who Tao identifies as one of the kidnappers. After they get her to give up the location of the truck carrying the missing officer and possibly others, the LAPD pulls it over and McGinnis rescues the officer, joking around with her as she leads her to safety.

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