Amy Sykes
Name Amy Sykes
Rank Detective2 Detective II
Affiliation Los Angeles Police Department
Division Special Investigation Section
Major Crimes
Gender Female
Played by Kearran Giovanni
First appearance Reloaded
Final appearance By Any Means, Part 4

Detective Amy Sykes is assigned to the LAPD's Major Crimes Division on Major Crimes.

Character InformationEdit

Transferred to MCD from the Special Investigation Section (SIS) of the Special Operations Bureau, she is an expert on undercover operations. As such, she is the person MCD sends in if the case requires covert evidence gathering. Sykes is a military veteran who served in Afghanistan as a Military Police Officer.

Sykes is best known for her role in a investigation of a human trafficking ring that was laundered by a animal hospital (“Zoo Story”). She killed the suspect in self defense after he raised his weapon at her and other officers during his attempted escape.

It was revealed during season 3 that she and her former supervising officer, Lieutenant Chuck Cooper, are dating. The relationship is ongoing. She hid the relationship at first for unknown reasons and its not clear when it started, though she was shown to have been dating someone in the season 3 premier “Flight Risk”. In “Tourist Trap”, it became obvious that Chuck has talked to her about marriage and even having kids, but she does not share his vision. She said that she will not be having children while they both work at the LAPD and that she is not ready to retire for that and doesn't think he is either. She became visibly upset and stated that if kids are so important to Chuck that he should find someone else or he just needs to stop talking about it. This conversation ended at that point as the suspect they were monitoring committed a crime and they went to arrest him. In “Quid Pro Quo” its implied that they are living together during a conversation between Amy and Mark Hickman.

In “Snitch”, her actions came under scrutiny from Assistant Chief Taylor and DDA Hobbs, when she withheld information concerning a witness in a murder investigation because identifying the witness would have placed them in eminent danger. The case was ultimately solved without the need for her witness and she was cleared of any wrongdoing.

In "Hindsight", she started an uneasy relationship with a disgraced former LAPD Detective Mark Hickman who supplied her with theories about their current murders even though, if found out, could ruin the entire investigation and possibly cost Amy her career as Assistant Chief Taylor had issued a direct order to the division to keep him out of the investigation. These theories, which she shared to the division as her own, helped the division in solving the murders and even though she was eventually forced to confess her relationship with Hickman to Raydor, she received no repercussions about the incident as she had recorded all of their conversations and transcribed them by hand for evidence, impressing both Captain Raydor and Lt. Tao, Mark Hickman's former partner.

She later comes in contact with Hickman again in “Quid Pro Quo” when he worked as a defense investigator for defense attorney Linda Rothman. He got Amy to share pictures of the crime scene from her phone, and after he shared these photos with Rothman in good faith, it was revealed that Amy hadn't included them in her original reports of the crime, destroying her credibility as a witness and putting the whole case in jeopardy. Afterwards, Mark started investigating some details of the case without notifying Rothman, and thus helped Amy and MCD on the right track in tracking their suspect. He later told Amy that Rothman screwed him over with the photos and he wanted to do the same to her. Because of the info Mark told Amy, both of the suspects accepted plea deals and Amy's testimony was not needed.

In “Sanctuary City, Part 5”, Sykes is one of Sharon's bridesmaids during her wedding to Andy Flynn. Sykes expresses doubt that Sharon will be throwing a bouquet during the ceremony.

In “Conspiracy Theory, Part 3”, Wes Nolan confirms that Sykes and Cooper are living together. This living arrangement was previously implied by a comment Sykes made to Mark Hickman in “Quid Pro Quo”.

Officer-involved shootingsEdit

  • The Sniper (alongside Flynn, Julio and Tao) (“Long Shot”)
  • Frank Wilshaw (“Zoo Story”)


  • Before revealing her relationship with Chuck Cooper, Sykes was caught making out with him by Rusty Beck. Both remained unaware of this until Rusty told Sykes after she revealed her relationship to the rest of the squad. The two being caught by Rusty led to Sykes suffering a lot of teasing from the squad. She noted that she had told Captain Raydor about the relationship, as the LAPD policy requires it.

Career Information Edit

  • Amy's badge number is 5349.
  • When in uniform, Amy wears three service stripes on her uniform. Each stripe represents five years of service in the LAPD, meaning she has served for 15-19 years. (Last seen in “By Any Means, Part 1”; December, 2017.)
  • When Amy was seen in uniform in “By Any Means, Part 1”, we see that her rank is Detective II. Detective II is the first supervisory detective rank, comparable to Sergeant I. It is not known when she was promoted to Detective II and it's possible she held the rank even in her introduction in “Reloaded”.
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