Title Aftertaste
Series The Closer
Season 2
Episode 4
Airdate July 3, 2006
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Written by Steven Kane
Directed by Arvin Brown
Previous episode Slippin'
Next episode To Protect & to Serve
Episode list Season 2
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A murder at a prestigious restaurant reveals that the victim, the wife of the owner, had some unorthodox methods for improving the restaurant.

The VictimEdit

Karen Bivas, the manager of the restaurant Chez Paul, which she owns with her husband Paul Bivas. Karen advanced her husband's career by having sex with various people to get jobs, investors, and good reviews.

The SuspectsEdit

  • Dennis Dutton: The primary investor in Karen's restaurant. Dennis was also a suspect in an earlier murder case.
  • Paul Bivas: Karen's husband and the chef at their restaurant, Chez Paul.
  • Tom Newman: A food critic who wrote a review for Chez Paul.
  • Walter LaSalle: Owner of the restaurant L'Amboise, he is Karen and Paul's previous employer.


Closing the CaseEdit

Brenda's StoryEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Douglas Sills (Dennis Dutton)
  • Paolo Seganti (Paul Bivas)
  • John Billingsley (Tom Newman)
  • François Giroday (Walter LaSalle)
  • Kate Fuglei (Hostess)


Episode NotesEdit

The restaurant L'Amboise is "played" by Hollywood's famous French restaurant L'Orangerie. In operation for nearly 30 years, L'Orangerie is considered to be LA's finest French restaurant, as well as one of its most expensive. Known for its formal French style, it has adapted to American practices to some degree after it was criticized for its practice of giving women menus without prices, even when business women hosted business meals.

In a rather humorous scene, Provenza suffers as Flynn grossly mispronounces the French names of three kitchen/restaurant positions. In a modern kitchen, a team of chefs work in stations with a specific heirarchy, each with a different responsibility. L'Amboise uses the French "brigade" system. The entry level position is the garde manger, who is responsible for all salads, food served cold, and some hot foods such as soups, which demands the greatest range of cooking skills. The saucier is responsible for sauteed items and sauces, a much more advanced position. The sommelier is the restaurant's wine steward, who serves the wine to patrons.

(Old building Citrus was in.)


Episode MediaEdit